furniture, lighting, packaging, electrical appliance for the kitchen, electronic device, leisure and sport articles, office equipment, machines and tools for industry, urban and outdoor furniture, devices to help the elderly, ergonomic products, toys, craftsmanship, stands and exhibition, mobility and transport.

        Product Design        

Mantaining the balance between functional and aesthetic, we like to create making the user understand and appreciate the reasons for every decision we make in the process of creation. A design adapted to the context, respecting the social and cultural heterogeneity.

The projects are based on
the search for form and function.

We select and make a proper use of technology, colour, materials and all the components of the manufacturing process, with minimal environmental impact.

We transform ideas into functional products. In order to find new creative approaches, forms, details and joints, we frequently observe and experiment with artisans and manufacturers.

The small details
as an integral and important
part of the design.

We enjoy working on the small details that make this place something more special, something nicer. We search for innovative solutions that generate new possibilities. Processes that inspire and lead you to achieve different results. We ponder as we work. We do not understand design as a method but as an iterative process; each problem needs a solution, but you should not always follow the same path to find it.

Working with guilds around our area and having a more direct and personal contact with them and the evolution of the product helps us to make it right, and in the meantime we support local production.

Our interest in new materials and techniques, together with an open mind and knowledge of traditional craftsmanship and modern industrial processes, results in unique products.