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Looking at San Sebastián

The exhibition Looking at San Sebastián, journeys through the history of the city and its economic, urban, social and cultural development, making reference to the Basque identity. The exhibition is therefore a great opportunity get to know ourselves better and delve into our contemporary history.

We redesigned the 2nd floor of the exhibition, keeping the elements and main structures that were before and giving them a new look.

Reusing the old weathering steel structures of the previous exhibition, we reconfigured the exhibition space generating a unique route, ordered chronologically through the different events of San Sebastián history.

A section formed by three spaces which analyse the city’s transformations in terms of town planning –fire, demolition of the city walls, expansion–, ideology –the liberal city, wars, press, capital status– and its economy –the city’s factories, transport improvements, telephone, the Belle Époque, tourism, etc.– through models, graphic media, virtual recreation, plans and objects.

In addition to the new proposal in the space, we adapted the aesthetics of the San Telmo Museum to the graphic design guides and other printed elements of the Castle of La Mota exhibition.

Flyer example with basic information of the exhibition, front printed in brightness and matte from the back.

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