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Creation of a better-adapted society for the future

With The SIforAGE International Conference, their goal is to bring together actors from different disciplines and fields of research to discuss ageing, the ageing process, the challenges presented, and possible ways ahead for the future. The situation demands a visionary approach, so that groundwork can be laid, in a rational way, for the creation of a better-adapted society for the future. There is no better time to do that than now. The Conference is the final activity of The SIforAGE Project, an innovative project of four years duration whose mission has been, in part, to make some headway along this path.

We adapt and add some details to the original logo of SIforAGE for the conference. Generating a similar image of the project but giving it a new and fresh one. Designed a website that could show all the information and activities in a easy way, adapted to the mobile phones. Other elements were made for the event as a poster, screen presentations, flyer, etc.

We are in an era when we need to comprehend ageing and the ageing process as fully as possible. We need to conceive of the management of ageing as a positive challenge, a challenge that we, as a society, will handle in the same successful way as we did with similar challenges in the past.

But the aim of the Conference goes further. The aim of the Conference is to provide an opportunity for all participants to attend and discuss this important matter – a matter that affects us all – as imaginatively and realistically as possible.

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