Sea Light

Foku, like Buia, is the result of research and reflection on the possibilities offered by those objects whose main function has ended due to the deterioration of their use. The life-cycle of a product ends when it does not fully meet the function for which it has been created. This does not mean that this product can not “resuscitate” to start a new cycle, in a context in which after the deterioration its properties provides the necessary thanks to small modifications.

Adapting the characteristics of boat fenders to the world of illumination, two contexts that have little in common, we noticed that the shape of the piece, once cut in half, remind a light projector.

The tilt on the display provides an interesting lighting angle when generating configurations at different heights and positions.

Thanks to the material characteristics,
the light does not cross the screen,
achieving in this way the focus effect.

The hole of the lamp shade offers the possibility to use it as a suspended or ceiling lamp and floor-standing, with stainless steel tube structure. The weight of the lamp shade and the fact of being manufactured with a non-slip material, we can position it at different heights with a simple movement.

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