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Active ageing and well-being

We were asked to build the visual identity for a project where we need to maintain and follow the rules of EIT Health global institution. From here we were entrusted with designing the graphic design and the web page for this collective project.

EIT Health work’s to give EU citizens greater opportunities to enjoy a healthier and active life for longer, and to postpone dependency on others, by leveraging big data and new technologies, identifying and removing barriers to innovation, and building on education and talent creation.

EIT Health’s strength is its network of more than 140 partner organisations seeking healthcare innovation, Elder Project is one of them.

The European Union has repeatedly stated that the ageing of its citizenship is one of the major challenges it faces in the short and medium term.

This concern is one of the main pillars of the EIT Health Community created by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) in 2014 and the foundation of the educational project “Towards citizen-centered active ageing and well-being”, coordinated by the University of Leiden, in which the University of Barcelona leads the initiative “Ensuring the autonomy of the older persons: innovative training for a society of all ages”.

Folding triptych with general info and about the 1. Phase

The project “Towards citizen-centered active ageing and well-being” has as main objective to reach the specific field of older persons’ care based on the accumulated knowledge and the advances made in educational and research projects by the University of Barcelona in recent years. All that from an evidence-based knowledge, a multidisciplinary approach, and pedagogical innovation that allows reaching all the agents involved in older persons’ care.

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