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Marine debris

Buia, like Foku, is the result of research and reflection on the possibilities offered by those objects whose main function has ended due to the deterioration of their use. The life-cycle of a product ends when it does not fully meet the function for which it has been created. This does not mean that this product can not “resuscitate” to start a new cycle, in a context in which after the deterioration its properties provides the necessary thanks to small modifications.

These PVC resign buoys are manufactured by rotational moulding process. This means that the spilled material into the mould is drying around the mould wall as it rotates in all directions. This produces two different finishes in the material. On the one hand, the outside area, which touches the mould, is smooth and shiny. While the interior area of the buoy, it is rough, porous and imperfect. Dried relief of the droplets can be appreciated. This effect is increased by illuminating the material directly generating more or less translucent areas. Therefore, we thought about how to reuse this element, obsolete for its main use, into lighting element that would show this interesting light effect.

The result, due to the irregularity of the material caused by the rotational molding process, gives a special lighting witch generates a warm and textured environment.

“In order to serve as an example we contribute fighting against marine debris, preventing or recycling it, promoting sustainability.”

Whether by manufacturing faults or damaged due to the use, manufacturers or local fishermen get rid of them very often.

Selected by Red emprendeverde of Fundación Biodiversidad of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and environment of Spain, in Ecoembes space at CONAMA 2016.


White, Grey, Black, Blue, Green, Red, Orange and Yellow.

A1 (D 25cm) – 72 €

A2 (D 30cm) – 85 €

A3 (D 40cm) – 115 €

A4 (D 50cm) – 140 €

A5 (D 60cm) – 170 €

*VAT is included in the price, but not the shipping cost.

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